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Last summer, I had the opportunity to work with a wonderful young group of filmmakers in the 48 Hour Richmond film competition. One of the scripted scenes in the short film involved a couple having fun in the midst of their morning routine. It was a simple concept. A couple in the bathroom throwing shaving cream and water with play slapping - fun!

In reality, it couldn't have been more complicated. Tight space, light stand, two mirrors, two actors, one operator (me), one focus puller, one boom operator, one PA and one director (hiding in the shower stall)! The blocking involved the camera moving through the opened bathroom door and then panning to the left to center the couple while concealing the camera crew between the two mirrors, capturing the horseplay and then exiting back via the same route.

While we had blocked the scene, we opted to shoot the rehearsal hoping for a hole-in-one. Of course, we wound up shooting eight takes on the scene before we nailed the shot. It was quite the intricate ballet and if we had to do it again, I would ask for more rehearsals before shooting and maybe a wild wall or two (hah!).

The Zen focusing pulling award definitely goes to John Michael for nailing the focus on a twitchy Canon 24 - 105mm on a shallow stop with only a whip and no EVF. 


Director - Cyrus Kapaedia; ADs - Robert Nyerges, Steve Shergold; 1st AC - John Michael-Seng Wheeler; Sound Mixer/Boom - Allen Cavedo; Talent - Natalie Sierra, Graeme Kutt


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